Colthurst Farm - Kitchen Cabinets & Flooring

The beautiful reclaimed hardwood flooring was set into place along with the kitchen cabinets. This home is coming together so well, and we are excited to see how all the finishes bring life into this house!

Old Trail 124 - Cabinets, Trim, and Tile

Old Trail Lot 124 is on its way to completion with cabinets and counters set, trim complete, and tile in place. See some current pictures in today's gallery.

Colthurst Farm - Insulated

Colthurst Farm is fully wrapped in open cell foam insulation! We think it is important for our clients to understand what goes in behind the walls because a well insulated home will provide the highest level of comfort as well as lower energy bills for the owners. We spray open cell foam throughout the entire home, including the attic rafters. Spray foam insulation is a leading high performance insulation material, offering one of the highest R-value per inch of any of the major insulation materials on the market. Specifically, open cell foam expands to 5 times its original size filling in all the crevices and crannies between studs minimizing energy loss. It is often the parts of the home you will not see every day that provides comfort you will feel every day.

Colthurst Farm - Dried In

Our home at Colthurst Farm's schedule was constantly being revised due to the erratic weather we were having here in Charlottesville. We are so glad to finally post that the home is under roof and getting back on track. This home features some amazing wrap around porches, and our next steps are to build out the custom fireplaces. Stay tuned to see how the custom fireplaces turn out!

Old Trail 124 - Insulation

Old Trail 124 is completely insulated and ready for sheetrock. See the pictures below of what is behind the walls. We spray open cell foam throughout the entire home - including the rafters - to provide out clients with superior comfort and low energy bills. 

Here's more information about spray foam insulation according to Weatherseal's website: "Spray foam insulation is a leading high performance insulation material, offering the highest R-value per inch of any of the major insulation materials on the market. A spray foam insulated building feels like no other -- it is quieter, more comfortable, cozier in the winter and cooler in the summer; and its energy bills are lower."

Colthurst Farm - Framing

The home out at Colthurst Farm has not had the best luck when it comes to the weather. A few snowstorms and heavy rain slowed things down, but we are doing our best to get back on schedule! See the latest set of pictures taken by the homeowner. For more pictures, check out their personal blog documenting the process from their perspective.

Colthurst Farm - Basement

We were able to get the basement walls completed! See the process below through the pictures.

Colthurst Farm - The Metsch's

The Metsch's started working with Jeff months ago to find the right lot and design their custom home. This home will boast some fantastic features including a huge chef's kitchen, unique octagonal covered porch with masonry fireplace, reclaimed antique granary oak floors, and an all inclusive foam insulation package. It has been a blast so far working with them, and we cannot wait to see this home come together.

Over the last few weeks we have been working on preparing the site, digging the basement, and setting footers. The cold and snow have put a pause on the project for a few days, but we'll be back at it once the weather warms up.